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We are keen to assist you with your Personal Concierge & Holiday needs.



Personal concierge services are on the rise. With the emer- gence of digital and the desire for experiences over ownership, we’re radically evolved to deliver exceptional services 24/7 to our clients.

Modern affluent women and men know that time is their most precious resource. When you’re always connected and on the go, your time is the one thing you can never get back.


A concierge is a person or a company that is available to help you in your day-to-day life. Their services can range from planning and booking your family holidays to making restaurant reservations or managing your social agenda or events.

Today’s concierge services extend far beyond just maintaining your candles lit. Con- cierges are highly skilled people who can add real value to your life by taking care of some essential and time-consuming tasks for you. They also have an extensive network to help you get some of the most ultra-exclusive events and experiences around the world.


Not everyone needs a Private concierge. Some people like to manage every aspect of their life themselves. But if you’re too busy and want to outsource some tasks, a personal concierge makes a lot of sense.

There are four main reasons for people to subscribe a concierge service:

1) To save time;
2) To get exclusive access to exclusive experiences through concierge’s network; 

3) To outsource time-consuming and repetitive tasks.
4) To assure 


Sometimes you need to appear in the press. Our team is here to make sure the right message comes out in the most appropriate media. In the generic press, in the specialized press or in the social press, we define the best strategy so that You can always be highlighted.


Life is beautiful when we can detour every minute of our leisure and discover a new world of experiences and fun. Our staff will ensure that you will have all the doors open to the best restaurants and clubs in total discretion or guaranteed that you will be under the spotlight.



Our customers value the detail and demand the highest quality services. Your time is too precious and Your status requires the best professionals and a service 365 days a year. Your Personal Concierge will serve you in every day activity so you do not waste time or energy, ensuring the highest levels of execution.

Your Personal Concierge will ensure the full management or oversight of Your private forum matters in full detail so that you do not waste time on details and make sure everything is in good hands.



Your concierge will plan your trip ensuring that everything is perfect and taking care of every detail from the transportation to the personalisation of each item. Whether it's a social dinner, a birthday party, a romantic dinner or a celebration, your concierge will be dedicated 24 hours a day to organising every detail to make your event perfect.


At sporadic or on-going times you may need a private, discreet security service for yourself or your family. Your concierge will make the selection of the best elements, according to Your need, and will organize the day-to-day of your private security according to your schedule and journeys.



Nothing more valuable than the eyes. Your concierge will try to ensure that the best professionals will take care of them. Private teachers, holiday camps, leisure trips, trips, baby sitters or any other services that guarantee the wellbeing and accompaniment of your dreams anywhere and anytime.


No one better than your concierge to help with your relocation.

We are helping with every step of the way, from the search for new house, car, decoration, children's school, sending and receiving personal property and all other details necessary so you do not have to worry about any detail.



Your concierge will make the selection of properties according to your requirements. Once selected a short list of real estate will do the local inspection in each of them, to ensure that they are in perfect condition. We advise you on the whole process until your change is 100% finished.

Your concierge will make the selection of properties according to your requirements. Once selected a short list of real estate will do the local inspection in each of them, to ensure that they are in perfect condition.

We advise you on the whole process until your change is 100% finished.


We try to give every detail so that His family has all the amenities when it comes to His new home.

We try to select all the structures that are part of the routine of each one (gym, school, etc.) so that the family impact of a new stage is the smallest possible.


To ensure that nothing happens to your personal property, your concierge will coordinate all sending and receiving.

We arrange transportation whether by land, sea or air according to the urgency, delicacy and value of your personal assets.


Life is very rewarding when it can be explored in all its greatness.

We have been tourism professionals for almost a decade, so your concierge will support you and ensure you have the support for your travels.

Your concierge has access to the largest tourism platforms that guarantee you the largest national and international offer in commercial flights, transfers, activities, tours, hotels, cruises and a number of options that are adjustable to your needs.

No one better than your concierge to organize your family vacation, your get-togethers with friends or simply buy tickets for a show or arrange a surprise dinner.

All this, 365 days a year.


We know that you do not have the time to waste and that the search for the best flight option can take a lot of time. Let your concierge handle the flights for you and your family, ensuring the best options at the best prices.




Your personal concierge is looking for the best hotel for you, anywhere in Portugal, according to Your requirements. Classic, modern, avant-garde or design, with the level of services you need, with the best location and the best description.


Our customers have different requirements. and for us any detail counts. Your concierge will find the transfer (private, luxury, boat or helicopter) according to your requirement, and you can customize the service so that even a short trip is at your level.


Anywhere in the world we find the best solution for you. We know that our customers are demanding and that is why we have solutions that go beyond the offerings of rent a car. From the simplest car to the high end and luxury cars, your concierge will find the best option for you.


Not only do we find the cruise that best suits your needs, but we will also find the best option of comfort, service and privacy according to your needs. Of course, whether traveling as a family or as a group, your concierge can ensure that everyone is nearby and arrange activities unique to you.


We know how complicated it is to rent a property in the distance. From the selection process of the location to the selection of interiors that will meet your requirement, your concierge will accompany you throughout the process. And once we find the property, we can customize it so that everything is perfect at His arrival.


We have thousands of activities around the world that you can enjoy enjoying your stay anywhere in the world. Tours, tastings, theme parks and a number of options designed to occupy your moments of rest.


Your concierge buys tickets for shows, museums and cultural, social or sporting events around the world so that you do not waste time or have to move.


We also understand that companies have specific needs. Our Corporate Concierge service was created specifically for companies that need not only transport and accommodation of their employees, but also to hold events abroad.


Through your Corporate Concierge you will be able to access all private services, added to corporate services designed to make your company's life easier.

Your Corporate Concierge will ensure the full management or supervision of a range of events, nationally or abroad, such as holding conferences, awards trips, team buildong or presence in fairs and exhibitions, presenting you with turnkey solutions , with the supervision of His team in every step of the organization.


It is always complex to organize a Conference. Even more so when you are abroad and we have to deal with so many details. Your corporate concierge treats the entire organization for you. From space, decoration, production of graphic material, audiovisual equipment, transport of goods, participants and accommodation, you will no longer have to worry about anything other than the content of your Conference.


We know the importance of rewarding your Clients and Employees. so your corporate concierge will take care of all the details so that more than awards trips are unforgettable dream trips, as well as the production of the event itself and the trophies that will deliver.


Our customers have different requirements and needs for their teams. That's why we design activities that meet the development of the necessary skills, in conjunction with Team Building psychologists.


Key in hand. We hire the spaces, we design the stands, we carry out the work, the assembly and disassembly installation of all the graphic and audiovisual material and of course, all the transport logistics and stay of the participants.

In the country where the event will take place we also organize advertising, press conferences and other needs of your company.



Our Charter Services are designed for clients from different areas. Private customers who do not have time to lose in airports, or who want to move with all the description and comfort, sports customers who need solutions to move their staff, or clubs that need to move their teams and fans. Charter Services offers multiple executive or commercial airframe solutions. From 2 to 550 passengers, we are by your side ensuring that everyone flees together, and coordinating all the logistics. 365 days a year by your side.



From small executive jets for 4 passengers to 16-person transatlantic jets or airliners with meeting areas, room and cabin for Your entourage, we organize Your journey and make sure you have the most suitable aircraft. In addition to air transport, we organize the transport of passengers at the origin and destination, accommodation, security and transportation of personal property. On board you will have all the details you need (catering, multimedia devices for meetings, translators, etc.).



When Your needs require carrying 20 to 550 passengers at a time, we look for the right aircraft for you, with the possibility of customizing it for Your event. With configurations from full economy to Suites, we offer a wide range of options to transport your passengers with all comfort. Whatever the origin and destination of your flight, we deal with all the logistics, including cargo, transportation and accommodation of your passengers.



Here we travel differently. We create unique travel experiences. The world is infinitely beautiful, and seeing it is one of the greatest privileges and pleasures of life. We believe that the most intimate way to show it to you is on a trip designed exclusively for you. This is the gateway to a Luxury universe, accessible to a restricted group of people where there is no limit to the imagination. Your concierge opens the door to this world with total assurance of confidence.



We guarantee an immediate response and full description. We can custom-tailor your private plane so you can use it not only for a flight, but for a small event, a party, a performance or just a dinner 13km in height. We offer a wide range of Private Jets guaranteeing the best conditions and the highest comfort.



We have a wide range of Yachts capable of satisfying the most simple needs to the most demanding. And because we understand that a Yacht is much more than a simple boat, and that it also allows the realization of exclusive events and guarantees a total level of confidence, we can offer the most appropriate option to your needs.



We understand that His rest must be absolute, without disturbing his moments of relaxation. Your concierge is in charge of selecting the best luxury mansions and private islands where you can enjoy your vacation out of the limelight. More than just finding the best option, we ensure all the details necessary to make everything perfect during your arrival and during your vacation. If you want to purchase a property, your concierge also guarantees full confidentiality in the process.



A luxury car is more than a vehicle. It is the extension of His lifestyle, and we believe it should be appropriate to every event or need. That's why we have numerous sporting, executive and exclusive options to ensure that we always have the right option for you. Whether for rent or purchase, your concierge will find the luxury car you want with the greatest confidence.



We are a Concierge service with tourism professionals dedicated to creating the best experiences for you. Only then do we guarantee total confidentiality, and we can design the best trips exceeding your expectations. For customers who require the highest level of confidence, we use our professionals, our luxury cars and our private aircraft, thus ensuring total description for yourself or for your family.


To register your interest in our Personal Concierge Service please fill out the fields below. 




Experience the ultimate Grand Touring encounter, in a motor car born to the role. Restless in spirit and confident in style, Wraith was created for the modern-day seeker. Leave expectation behind. This is Wraith.


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