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Where are we going this summer?

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we are going to travel in the future.

Currently there is uncertainty as to when all international borders will open and when airlines will resume the number of Pre-Covid-19 flights, due to falling demand and different cycles in which the virus is found in different regions of the world, which limits the activity aerial-port.

There will also be new procedures for airport shipments and the possible need for some destinations implement health passport systems at departures and arrivals.

All of these factors will make the boarding and disembarkation processes slower than today making the experience of traveling by plane less interesting.

So in the short term and given the degree of uncertainty associated with the evolution of the pandemic, the trend of travelers will be short distance travel both within Portugal and interregional trips in the surrounding countries as well as example Spain and Morocco.

Greater demand is expected from all inland tourist destinations in regions with less population density. In these trips, there will be more than the typical demand for sun and sea tourism, nature tourism and rural tourism. Tourist accommodation outside large urban centres can be privileged, which will give greater freedom, flexibility and security for travellers.

In the next posts we will make known the valences of some regions of Portugal, the most interesting routes and the accommodation for your summer vacation.

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