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Whether you stand in awe at the sheer size of the well-preserved coliseum in El Jem or spend the day gazing at breath-taking mosaics from the Punic, Roman and Islamic eras at the world class Bardo museum, know that these are just a few of Tunisia’s incredible sites. Come with an attitude and spirit of adventure. Tunisia is a small country and in just one day you can visit a Roman site and ancient medina, swim in the Mediterranean in the morning and ride a camel in the afternoon in the Sahara.

Tunisia The geographical position of Tunisia south of the Mediterranean basin, with 1,300 kilometres of mainly sandy coasts, a warm Mediterranean climate in summer and mild winter, a rich civilisational heritage (eight sites inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List), and, above all, a low cost of tourism make this country one of the main destinations for European tourists in Africa and the Arab world.

Itinerary 1 Tunisian contrasts

DAY 1:  Tunis


Regular flight out to Tunis. Arrival, assistance at the airport and transport to the hotel. Dinner and accommodation.


DAY 2  Tunis / Sbeitla / Tozeur


Breakfast and departure to Tozeur, via Sbeitla to visit the Byzantine Roman ruins. Arrival at Tozeur and lunch. In the afternoon, departure to visit the old town, the souk of Tozeur and a short walk through the palm grove. Dinner and accommodation.


DAY 3:   Tozeur / Douz / Matmata / Mareth / Djerba


Breakfast and exit towards Chott El Djerid Salt Lake. Stop. Continue to Douz to visit the market square. Then we will visit Matmata. After lunch at Hotel Sidi Driss Matmata, visit to the troglodyte houses (excavated houses in the mountains). Passing by La Faam, Mareth, Jorf and after we will take the boat to Djerba. Dinner and accommodation at the hotel.

DAY 4:  Djerba / Medenine / Gabes / Sfax

Breakfast. We will visit the island where we will have the opportunity to know the pottery of Guellala and the synagogue of Ghriba as well as the capital Houmt Souk, crossing the Roman road (Al Kantara) and passing by Medenine. Arrival in Metameur to visit the famous Ghorfas (old granaries where the cereals were kept). Lunch at Hotel Chems de Gabes. In the afternoon, visit to the spice market (souk El Jara) and the oasis. Then, visit to the medina. Dinner and accommodation at the hotel in Sfax.

DAY 5: Sfax / El Jem / Monastir / Tunis

Breakfast and departure towards El Jem to admire the Roman amphitheatre of the 3rd century AD. Visit to the city of Monastir, the Martyrs Square and the Mausoleum of Habib Bourguiba. Lunch at Le Chandelier Restaurant located at Monastir marina. In the afternoon, after crossing Sousse, visit to Port El Kantaoui. Continuation to Tunis. Arrival, dinner and accommodation at the hotel.

DAY 6: Tunis

Breakfast and visit to the Museum of Bardo and Medina. Lunch at Hamouda Pacha restaurant. In the afternoon we will visit Carthage (Roman ruins) and Sidi bou Said (Andalusian village). Dinner and accommodation.

DAY 7: Tunis / Kairouan / Tunis

Visit to the Great Mosque of Sidi Oqba Ibnu Naffa, founded in 671 A.D., and the Barber Mausoleum, called Sidi Sahbi. Tour of the city. Visit to the local handicraft shops of Kairouan. Return to Tunis and accommodation.

DAY 8: Tunis

Breakfast. Free time until the time of transport to the airport, to catch a plane back. Arrival and end of our services

Tunes 1 night

Hotel Golden Tulip

Tozeur 1 night

Palm Beach Palace Tozeur 5*

Set in a beautiful and peaceful green oasis, the hotel overlooks the town's magnificent palm groves. The unique panorama, complete with its own mini oasis and waterfalls, makes this an ideal destination for all seasons, a haven of freshness and relaxation

128 fully equipped rooms